Hand Poured Soy Candles and melts

Tips and Tricks


Trim your Wick

  You will need a wick trimmer.  Trim your wick to the ideal length—¼ inch—and make sure none of the trimmings remain in the wax. 


Burn Time 101

Your first burn is the most important step and will set the stage for the look of future burns with your candle.   The key is to allow the candle to burn long enough that the melt pool reaches  from side to side.  Depending on the size of your candle  you will need to allow up to 4 hours.  


Trim your wick... Again!

Trim you wick after each burn once the wax has cooled off and there is a solid base of wax.  Remove debris before lighting  your candle. 


Enjoy, Wash, Re-purpose.

Our soy wax melts at a low temperature.  This helps to give our candles a smooth creamy appearance, but also makes for an easy clean up with our glassware.  To re-purpose our glassware after enjoying the candle simply use hot water to rise out the remaining wax and wick tab from the bottom of the glass, and remove the labels.  After one round through your dish washer our glasses are ready for your favorite beverage.